Bioinformatics Solutions
We provide custom informatics solutions to research institutes, universities, laboratories, hospitals and biotech R&D companies which includes data analysis, database solutions, statistical analysis or GUI development and integration.
We develop, integrate and customize Next Generation Sequencing Applications, Bioinformatics pipelines, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other high throughput/ computational tools based on user requirements.

Our solution is powerful enough to take control of the every step of analysis; code tweaking to expediate the run time based on computational resources required and allocate what and when is needed the most. Our solution has APIs to integrate with databases and fully Integrates with the Analysis workflows and capable to Generate reports, Send/view progress status and Reminders besides taking care of proper repository and archival of critical files. Our solution is designed to work perfectly on High End Server, Cloud or Cluster (Master Node) of computers.
We help people to transform biological raw data into knowledge and actionable insights.