(Specialised Diagnostics centre -
lab information system)
SDC LIS is a web based application software where the application will be installed in the Server as hosts and to be accessed by Clients from different departments through computer or notebook connected to the Intranet. It is a multi-level User access controlled security where different User has different privileges.
One single software installation for unlimited number of user coverage.
Increased consistency and reduce the redundancy of data.
Easy to use Graphical User Interface and fully customizable.
LDAP support is included for network integration.
Windows platform and cross browser compatible.
Network based where data can be shared and retrieved anywhere in your lab within the connected departments through Intranet.
No specific informatics skills are required and it can be used immediately without complex configurations or long learning process.
Significantly reduce the time for lab scientist on recurrent and time consuming operations such as data entry, sorting, generating and exporting data/results.
It is fully customized to cater for the needs of end user (lab scientist). Additional modules/ functions can be added on later as expansion pack to cater for the ever changing environment setup in the lab.
Concept (What it does)
SDC LIS manages patient’s sample workflow and specific data requirements of laboratory test results.

The main concept behind the SDC LIS is that each lab scientist can quickly manage data and information and makes these available to the rest of the lab users within the connected departments. Patient's data and test results are stored in a secured database for viewing, editing, retrieving, sorting, generating and exporting by only assigned Users according to their granted privileges.