Symphony Infotech is a solution based company which excel itself in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Medical Sciences, Imaging, Electronics, Office utilities and Infrastructures. We listen to your needs, formulate solutions and deliver it-everytime without fail !

Our company tagline says it all, SOLUTION IS OUR BUSINESS. We Promise, Deliver and Guarantees it. We take trust and responsibility as our team pride.
Who are we
A team of dedicated, professional and experienced workforce in the field of ICT, Medical Sciences, Imaging, Electronics, Office Utilities and Infrastructures.
What we do
We provide technology-based service solution and products in the area of ICT, medical and office environment to government agencies, statutory bodies, GLC and private sectors
Our Vision
To provide sustainable, cost-effective & up to date solution and services to enrich the life of our clients
Our Mission
To be a leading provider of technology-enabled business solution and services
Business goals & objectives
Growth strategy
Market growth
This focuses on growing the market for our current products & services
product development
Product development focuses on exploration by research and development in order to create new and innovative products offerings
direction setting
Our company's direction to move forward is constantly under review and adjusted according to prevailing market requirements
expansion & diversion
We will expand and diversify with careful planning and management to cater for wider range of clients. This company itself is an example of expansion